Pricing & Services

All dogs require an initial consultation to design the best program for optimal results.

You may note that all packages have an 'impact' fee. This is a donation as part of the package, and not an additional cost. We are passionate about helping the community and we want every animal to live a better quality life. Each quarter, a new charity is selected to donate to.


Initial Consultation

1 x 60min history collection, musculoskeletal exam, hydro/massage session, rehabilitation plan + impact


Regular Hydro or massage session

1 x 30 min Session + impact


Buy 10 get 1 free

11 x 30 min hydrotherapy or massage Session+ impact

$75 ($50 when in conjunction with hydro/massage)

Laser session

1 x 20min Class IV cold laser therapy + impact


Home exercise program

A tailored plan suited to your dogs condition or particular goal that you can work on at home to improve their outcome. This includes a consultation to work through the prescription exercises + unlimited access exercise platform.

Second dog discount

$10 off initial and $5 off regular session

1 x 30 min hydrotherapy or massage Session+ impact

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